Springfree Trampoline Review

Written By:
Scott Carroll
Published On:
January 4, 2024
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Imagine a sun-drenched afternoon with children’s laughter in your backyard, an idyllic scene made better by the absence of worry. Now, picture this: the kids are jumping on a trampoline, where every bounce is about fun, safety, and innovation. This isn’t just any trampoline—it’s a Springfree trampoline. As I delve into this Springfree trampoline review, allow me to be your guide through what many consider the pinnacle of safe backyard bouncing.

Overview of Springfree trampolines

Springfree stands out as a pioneer and protector in an industry where innovation often takes a backseat to cost-cutting measures. Their unique approach replaces conventional springs with composite rods tucked away beneath the jumping surface, practically eradicating risks associated with getting caught or pinched by metal coils.

Moreover, their commitment to durability is evident in every aspect—from UV-resistant materials preventing wear from sunlight to rigorous testing ensuring long-lasting performance. And perhaps most impressively, each trampoline boasts a 10-year warranty that confidently backs its exceptional quality.

As you’re about to see in this comprehensive review, selecting a Springfree isn’t merely an investment in outdoor equipment; it’s an investment in peace of mind and healthy activity for years to come. Let’s bounce into the details!

Kids in trampoline

Springfree trampoline review

Springfree trampolines
Springfree trampolines
Springfree trampolines
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When it comes to ensuring safety while bouncing with joy, the Springfree trampoline earns high marks from families and fitness enthusiasts alike. It might sound odd, a trampoline without springs – an integral component one would think. However, that's precisely where this innovative design sets itself apart. I've thoroughly reviewed various aspects of Springfree trampolines to provide a distilled understanding of why they are so talked about.

First, let me tell you that their bounce is just as good (if not better) than traditional spring-based models. But the true magic lies elsewhere – in its clever engineering that heralds safety without compromising on fun. With no springs to pinch or a hard frame to run into, a patented composite rod system tucked away beneath the jumping surface eliminates these common hazards in conventional designs.

To add another layer of confidence, the FlexiNet enclosure gently guides jumpers back to the centre if they carelessly veer towards the edge. This attentive feature ensures that slip-ups don't lead to fallouts. Now, for those sceptics who ponder durability—rest assured, attention paid here doesn’t wane either. The materials used are top-notch; rust-resistant frames and UV-resistant nets stand testimony to longevity and consistent outdoor performance.

Here’s a breakdown of what makes these trampolines shine:

  • Safety: Redefined with springless and hidden-frame design.
  • Quality: Top-tier materials built for enduring harsh weather.
  • Performance: Exceptional and safe bounce characteristics.
  • Innovation: Patented technologies push traditional boundaries.

With my firsthand experience coupled with extensive research including customer feedback, user maintenance tips, and comparison with other brands—it's clear that when conducting a Springfree trampoline review, one can't help but appreciate its avant-garde approach towards secure merriment.

As part of this, it goes without saying that no product is absolutely flawless. Though assembly can be more challenging than expected (you'll need patience and maybe an extra pair of hands), once set up, your efforts get rewarded manifold through peace of mind gained every time someone jumps aboard.

Features of Springfree trampolines

When I first encountered Springfree trampolines, I was genuinely intrigued by their innovative design that promises a safer bounce. These wonders of recreational engineering are robust and meticulously crafted to minimise common trampoline-related injuries. Let’s dive into the features that set Springfree trampolines apart from traditional models.

Springless design

Conventional trampolines rely on metal springs for their bounce, which pose risks of pinching and impact injuries. This concern is effectively addressed in Springfree trampolines:

  • No exposed springs: The unique design eliminates springs altogether, using flexible composite rods placed beneath the jumping surface.
  • Bounce quality: Despite not having springs, these trampolines provide a soft and responsive bounce that makes you feel like you’re floating on air.
  • Durability: Unlike metal springs that can rust or stretch out with time, the high-tech rods maintain their resilience longer, ensuring consistent performance.

Transitioning from conventional designs to this innovative approach has vastly improved safety and durability without compromising the joy of bouncing.

FlexiNet enclosure

I’ve seen firsthand how crucial a safety net can be for preventing falls off the trampoline. The FlexiNet enclosure stands out because it:

  • Cushions impacts: Using flexible net rods that curve outward, the net gently redirects jumpers back to the mat rather than jarring them upon impact.
  • Is built to last: Made from durable materials resistant to tearing and UV radiation, this enclosure ensures long-term safety for countless hours of fun.
  • Offers full coverage: There are no gaps between the net and mat due to its thoughtful design, thus eradicating chances for slipping through edges.

It’s clear that with such attentiveness towards safeguarding users while maintaining visibility and strength, no corner has been cut when making your experience secure.

SoftEdge mat

Okay, let’s talk comfort, the SoftEdge mat is an absolute game-changer:

  • It absorbs shock way more than you might expect, significantly reducing stresses on joints during use.
  • Its design means no hard edges around the mat perimeter, greatly diminishing the risk of injury if a jumper stumbles too close to the edge.
  • Long-lasting material used in production means it withstands sun damage – preserving its integrity over years.

This mat isn’t just about reducing injury risks; it provides comfort so users can enjoy bouncing for extended sessions without discomfort. 

Hidden frame

Having experienced some painful encounters with traditionally positioned frames (yes, I’m wincing at those memories), I consider the hidden frame feature revolutionary:

Placed well beneath the jumping area, finally, we see a shift away from accident-prone structural elements near where all action happens! 

Additionally, this strategic position prevents jumpers from hitting hard surfaces during use—an uncompromisable aspect in protecting against fractures or bruises.

In essence, hiding away danger brings attention back to where it should be: sheer enjoyment without fear.

No pinch points

Nobody enjoys getting pinched, it’s not just annoying but can sometimes be downright painful. Herein lies another commendable aspect of Springfree trampolines:

The absence of gaps or spots where skin could get caught guarantees both children and adults stay free from minor yet distressing injuries typical with conventional designs. Ensuring every jumping session is as carefree as possible equates to respect towards product users’ safety AND serenity.

10 year warranty

What resonates most profoundly with me, and likely with any consumer, is a commitment to enduring quality service. And nothing speaks louder on this front than a solid warranty plan:

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is covered thanks to an incredibly generous 10-year warranty covering all components, from rods to mats!

An after-sales promise like this illustrates confidence in product longevity plus dedication towards customer satisfaction over time, a truly powerful indication of value.

Comparison with other trampoline brands

When eyeing the perfect trampoline for your home, weighing the features, benefits, and drawbacks of various brands is vital. Let me give you a rundown on how some other popular trampoline manufacturers stack up compared to Springfree.

Competitor trampolines usually come with their own set of perks, which might include:

  • Lower price points: Traditional spring-based trampolines tend to be more wallet-friendly.
  • Variety in shapes and sizes: They often offer a broader range of shapes and sizes, including rectangular, round, oval or even square options.
  • Weight limits: Some brands boast higher capacities for those seeking extra durability.

Nonetheless, these strengths often come alongside certain weaknesses, such as:

  • Safety concerns: Exposed springs and hard edges can pose injury risks that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Durability issues: Weather-related wear and tear tend to hit traditional trampolines harder.
  • Maintenance needs: Springs can rust or snap, requiring replacement; pads may also need frequent updating due to wear.

Now that we’ve briefly examined what you might encounter elsewhere let’s turn our attention to what sets Springfree apart from the crowd.

How Springfree stands out from the competition

Springfree Trampolines have carved out their niche by focusing significantly on safety without sacrificing fun. Here’s how they shine beyond their counterparts:

  1. Patented springless design: Springfree addresses one of the most common safety concerns head-on by eliminating springs altogether. The composite rods lie beneath the jumping surface, meaning jumpers are less likely to get caught or injured.
  2. Innovative safety enclosure: The FlexiNet enclosure gently guides any wayward bouncers back onto the mat without risking entanglement or pole contact.
  3. The SoftEdge mat: This is 30 times more shock-absorbent than pads found on traditional models. It considerably cuts down on potential impact areas that could harm users.
  4. Hidden frame positioning: The metal frame is situated well away from bouncing areas, ensuring that jumpers won’t collide with hard metal while playing.

Finally, and this is big, their confidence shines through a robust warranty plan; a decade-long coverage speaks volumes about their trust in product longevity and customer satisfaction.

Springfree showcases its commitment to maximising enjoyment and safety through these unique attributes. Its innovative design galvanizes its standing in an established market by setting new standards others strive for, making it clear why many consider them top-of-the-line when it comes to backyard bounce experiences.

Pricing details and options

When considering a Springfree trampoline for your family, budgeting is essential. With various models available, each with unique features catering to different needs, weighing your options carefully is crucial. Let me guide you through the pricing landscape of these innovative trampolines.

Top models available

Ideal for small yards, this model offers a soft bounce designed for younger children.

Providing ample space with its square design, it's perfect for active bouncers and gymnastics enthusiasts.

As the largest option, it caters to families or athletes looking for maximum space and weight capacity.

Each trampoline is meticulously engineered to provide the safest jumping experience without compromising on fun. Be mindful that prices vary depending on sales promotions or regional availability; always check the latest information from reputable retailers or directly from Springfree’s website.

Additional accessories and their prices

Basketball hoop

Engage in some aerial slam-dunk contests right on your trampoline.

Trampoline ladder

Provides easier access to the trampoline, especially beneficial for little ones.

For weather protection

Shields your investment from harsh elements when not in use.

Accessory pricing is as dynamic as the trampolines themselves; again, I advise checking current figures before finalising any purchase. It’s worthwhile noting that while these add-ons are optional, they can significantly enrich your jumping joy and expand the functionality of your Springfree trampoline.

Remember to weigh the immediate financial outlay and long-term enjoyment against each product’s price point. This way, you will select a combination that promises countless hours of safe bounding exuberance tailored perfectly to suit your family’s desires and means.


After diving deep into the world of Springfree trampolines, I’ve uncovered a treasure trove of benefits that make them an outstanding choice for safe backyard fun. From their innovative springless design to the sturdy FlexiNet enclosure, these trampolines offer peace of mind alongside exhilarating bounce.

Moreover, longevity is guaranteed with their 10-year warranty. It speaks volumes about their confidence in their product’s durability and provides additional security on your investment.

In comparing Springfree Trampolines to other market contenders, it’s apparent that while some rival brands may come at a lower upfront cost, Springfree remains strong regarding safety and quality. These aren’t mere play structures; they’re well-thought-out designs crafted for long-term enjoyment and peace of mind!