About Us

  • Who is Yard Work?

    We are a team of gardening enthusiasts in Australia, looking to educate people more on how to get the best possible backyard.

  • What Do We Do?

    Yard Work provides informative guides on gardening and backyard maintenance to help you get a better idea of how you can utilise your outdoor space.

  • Why Yard Work?

    Our team has identified many questions and concerns Australians face with their backyard or gardens. However, we have found that there are no answers to your queries. Accordingly, we want to provide you with fair and direct answers, filling the knowledge gap on gardening and backyard maintains that exists on the web.

  • Our Goals

    Yard Work aims to be the go-to gardening resource, helping Australians obtain their dreams of the perfect backyard. We aim to answer your questions succinctly and coherently, ensuring you get the right information so you can achieve your desired outcome.

Our Values


Provide Insightful Guides

Yard Work aims to provide information that will only benefit you and your needs.


Fair Reviews

While Yard Work may recieve some monetary compensation for our reviews, we strive to make a fair assessment of the product.


Useful Resources

Where possible, Yard Work many link out to useful resources that we think you may benefit from in your journey to finding the best possible answer for your query.

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