Bushranger vs Honda Mower: Head-to-Head Comparison

Written By:
Scott Carroll
Published On:
November 30, 2023
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Sweeping across your lawn, the sun casting a warm glow over freshly trimmed grass blades— hardly anything that signifies the tranquillity and satisfaction of home care quite like it. Part of this serene picture owes itself to the hum and precision of a good lawnmower. However, with numerous brands jockeying for ‘best mower’, I understand how you might be caught in a tug-of-war between options. 

Central to this discussion are two celebrated contenders: Bushranger and Honda. Each brand adopts different strengths and unique technologies and has amassed its own legion of loyal followers.

So, if you’re standing at the crossroads trying to decide whether to steer towards the rugged charm of a Bushranger or glide along with the refined efficiency of a Honda, hold tight. I’m about to embark on an informative journey through manicured yards and technical specifications that may tilt your decision. 

Overview of Bushranger brand

Recognised by their distinctive orange design and robust build quality, Bushranger mowers have emerged from down under as serious competitors in turf maintenance. They present themselves not just as mere tools but as steadfast allies in maintaining pristine gardens and spaces.

Are Bushranger mowers made in Australia?

Yes, indeed they are! Born on Australian soil, Bushrangers encapsulate a spirit akin to their namesake: tough, resilient, and ready to tackle challenging landscapes head-on. Their products resonate well with those who value dependable performance backed by local craftsmanship. 

The Aussie ingenuity woven into each mower consists of designing equipment that caters to Australia’s diverse garden sizes and types. Proudly flying their ‘Made in Australia’ banner, these mowers often integrate materials conducive to longevity and offer features attuned keenly to user needs from Cairns down to Tasmania.

Overview of the Honda Brand

Honda is synonymous with meticulous engineering, precision quality, and technical innovation. This Japanese multinational conglomerate is not only respectably established in the automobile industry but also renowned for its prowess in the realm of power equipment. Honda mowers, a key product in their comprehensive lineup, consistently top lists as some of the most reliable and efficient garden tools available to connoisseurs and casual users.

With a rich heritage dating back to 1948, Honda has cultivated an impressive reputation for manufacturing products that stand the test of time and rigours of use. Their approach remains clear-cut: design machinery that people can rely on while providing a level of performance that satisfies even the most demanding tasks.

Where are Honda Mowers Made?

Delving into origins, you might be curious about where these heralded machines take form before they touch grass blades around the globe. The answer highlights Honda’s global reach – their lawn mowers are manufactured in multiple facilities worldwide.

Most notably:

  • Swepsonville, North Carolina: This plant produces a substantial segment of Honda’s mower range for the North American market.
  • France: Certain models destined primarily for European lawns come crafted from this location.

Additionally, Japan is another crucial manufacturing site contributing to other territories globally.

Each site operates under strict guidelines, ensuring each mower embodies Honda’s commitment to quality, irrespective of where it’s made. This marriage between global diversity in production and uniformity in excellence across all units bolsters consumers’ confidence when choosing a Honda mower.

Bushranger vs Honda mower

Bushranger vs Honda Mowers: Head-to-Head Comparison

When standing in the hardware store aisle or thumbing through your favourite lawn care catalogue, the options for mowing your green yard seem endless. So, let’s narrow it down to two well-regarded brands in the landscaping realm: Bushranger and Honda. They have garnered strong followings for different reasons, but how do they stack up against each other?

Features and technology

Performance and efficiency, without a doubt, are pivotal; both brands excel in different ways. Suppose you value cutting precision and power; Honda might nudge ahead with its robust engines. 

On the other hand, if manoeuvrability and agility are paramount due to an intricate lawn layout, some may find Bushranger’s models more accommodating.


Bushranger mowers are designed with practicality and user-friendliness in mind. Some of their models boast features like:

  • Easy-start technology, which simplifies the ignition process.
  • Mulching capabilities that return nutrients back into your soil.
  • Self-propelled options to ease physical strain during use.

Their emphasis on intuitive design means that a Bushranger mower will stay calm, even if you’re new to lawn maintenance.


Honda is synonymous with innovation, and their mowers reflect this through:

  • Auto Choke System, which provides a smart start without manual choke adjustments.
  • Roto-stop® Blade Stop System allows you to halt the blades while keeping the engine running when you need to step away momentarily.

Their high-end models often incorporate cutting-edge technology that caters to those seeking performance and convenience.

Performance and Efficiency


Performance-wise, Bushranger mowers usually feature powerful engines suitable for residential use. They’re also efficient, allowing more mow time with less fuel consumption—a plus for your wallet and weekend schedules.


Honda excels here with engines known for longevity and strength. Their mowers easily tackle tough grass types without hesitation, translating into less effort pushing and more enjoying your immaculate lawn.

Maintenance and durability

Maintenance and durability play significant roles in long-term satisfaction. Here, it’s important to consider the frequency of maintenance and the availability of parts, which often favours bigger brands like Honda with wider service networks.


Durability is at the heart of what makes a Bushranger mower reliable. Typically built with sturdy materials meant to withstand harsh weather conditions, these machines ask little from you in terms of maintenance but provide plenty in terms of lifespan.


Known for their dependable engines, Hondas require regular maintenance similar to any high-performance machinery, yet they have an established reputation for outlasting expectations if properly cared for—this resilience defines durability in many users’ eyes.


Bushranger and Honda both present strong warranty policies, showcasing their trust in product durability and dedication to customer satisfaction. 

As detailed by Roy Gripske & Sons Pty Ltd, Bushranger’s warranty offers varied coverage periods based on product type and usage, with specific conditions for extended warranties, highlighting their commitment to quality. In contrast, Honda’s well-defined warranty policy emphasises superior quality and customer service. 

When comparing Bushranger and Honda, evaluating their warranty terms is crucial, as these offer additional security and mirror the manufacturers’ confidence in their products.


The Bushranger products warranty, provided by Roy Gripske & Sons Pty Ltd (Powerup Lawncare Products), covers defects in material and workmanship. Key points include:

  • Warranty coverage: Defective parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge by an authorised Bushranger Dealer.
  • Varied warranty periods: Warranty durations differ by product and usage type (Domestic, Commercial, Hire and rental). For example, 36 and 72 Volt Products range from 2 to 5 years for domestic use, with some offering 1-year commercial coverage.
  • Extended warranty conditions: Bushranger Oil can extend the warranty for certain 2 and 4-stroke handheld products.
  • Exclusions: The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage from improper use or maintenance, or modifications.
  • Claim process: Faults must be reported to an authorised dealer with proof of purchase. Transport costs are the purchaser’s responsibility.
  • Australian consumer law: The warranty acknowledges additional rights under this law, including entitlements to replacements or refunds for major failures.


Honda’s warranty policy is a testament to its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their warranty covers new Honda power equipment, ensuring they are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal domestic use and service for the specified period. Key highlights include:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Honda’s warranty covers defects in material and workmanship, offering peace of mind to customers.
  • Maintenance requirement: To take advantage of the warranty, maintenance must be performed according to the schedule by an authorised Honda dealer.
  • Owner’s responsibility: Consumables like oils, filters, and spark plugs are the owner’s responsibility. Transportation costs for the product to or from the dealer also fall under the owner’s purview.
  • Exclusions: The warranty does not apply to parts subject to misuse, negligence, accidental damage, or improper maintenance. Normal wear items and adjustments are also excluded.
  • Proof of service history: Owners must keep a record of all services and maintenance, as proof of service history may be required for warranty claims.
  • Dealer network: Honda’s extensive network of authorised dealers ensures reliable and professional service for warranty repairs.


When it comes down to cost, Bushranger mowers are more budget-friendly. Nevertheless, this initial saving must be weighed against the potential long-term value of Honda’s renowned longevity, a crucial consideration for many buyers.


Price-wise, Bushrangers typically sit comfortably within the budget-friendly zone without compromising on essential features, making them accessible investments for homeowners keen on value-for-money purchases.

In our experience, Bushranger mowers can go anywhere from $449.00 to $1,169.00, with plenty of options. 


In contrast, Hondas might lean toward higher price brackets but justify this with advanced technical integrations; you pay extra bucks for a brand name and functionalities to enhance your overall mowing experience.

When assessing Honda mower prices, expect to pay between $559 to $1,799. 

User reviews and feedback

When assessing user reviews, Bushranger mowers are celebrated for their ease of use and affordability, making them a great choice for beginners or those on a budget. 

Meanwhile, Honda mowers are esteemed for superior performance, technological advancements, and durability. They appeal to those prioritising efficiency and long-term value in their lawn care equipment.


User feedback consistently highlights the usability of Bushranger mowers. Novices in lawn care particularly appreciate the straightforward operation of these mowers, which deliver professional results without a steep learning curve. 

On forums like Whirlpool, users often discuss the ease of use and reliability of Bushranger mowers, especially for those new to gardening or with less experience in lawn maintenance.

Other key points from user reviews include:

  • Ease of Operation: Bushranger mowers are often praised for their user-friendly design, making them ideal for beginners.
  • Reliability: Many users report that these mowers are dependable and perform consistently well.
  • Affordability: Bushranger mowers are frequently mentioned as a cost-effective option for quality lawn care.


Honda mowers receive accolades for their exceptional performance and durability, particularly from seasoned landscapers and garden enthusiasts. Reviews on sites like Canstar Blue highlight Honda’s reputation for efficiency and reliability, even under rigorous use.

Some key insights from user reviews that I could find are:

  • Performance: Honda mowers are lauded for their powerful engines and ability to handle tough grass types effortlessly.
  • Durability: Users frequently mention the longevity of Honda mowers, noting their ability to withstand years of regular use.
  • Innovation: Honda’s incorporation of advanced technology in their mowers, such as the Auto Choke System and Roto-stop® Blade Stop System, is often a point of praise.

Environmental Impact

Both Bushranger and Honda are actively contributing to a more sustainable future in lawn care. Their efforts in developing electric and battery-powered mowers cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly options and demonstrate a commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. 


Bushranger Power Equipment has significantly promoted environmental sustainability, particularly with its battery-powered lawn mowers. These mowers represent a leap forward in eco-friendly lawn care, offering a greener alternative to traditional petrol-powered models.

  • Battery-powered mowers: Bushranger’s battery-powered mowers are a testament to their commitment to reducing carbon emissions. These mowers eliminate the need for fossil fuels, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Eco-friendly operation: Besides being zero-emission, these mowers operate with considerably less noise pollution, making them a more neighbour-friendly option in residential areas.
  • Energy efficiency: The efficiency of battery power means less energy is consumed during operation, contributing to a smaller overall environmental footprint.
  • Reduced maintenance and waste: Battery-powered mowers require less maintenance than their petrol counterparts, leading to fewer parts being replaced and less waste generated over the mower’s lifespan.


Honda, known for its innovation in power equipment, has also made notable advancements in environmental sustainability, particularly with the introduction of the eGX engine. 

The eGX is Honda’s first Electric Power Unit, marking a significant step towards electrification in power equipment. This engine is designed to offer zero emissions, aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints.

Some key features of this unit include:

  • Low vibration and noise: The eGX engine operates with low vibration and noise levels, contributing to a more pleasant and less disruptive mowing experience, which is especially beneficial in densely populated neighbourhoods.
  • Efficient and easy operation: The 2kW class brushless DC motor in the eGX engine is highly efficient, ensuring optimal performance while conserving energy. Its design focuses on ease of operation and maintenance, offering a user-friendly experience.
  • Variety to suit needs: Available in Integrated and Separate types, the eGX engine caters to a wide range of specifications, ensuring that users can find a model that fits their specific lawn care needs while adhering to environmental considerations.

Lawn mower on grass

So, which mower is best?

Choosing between Bushranger and Honda mowers can seem daunting initially, especially when aiming to make the most of your investment in yard work. 

Before deciding between a Bushranger or a Honda mower, I encourage you to evaluate what features align best with your specific lawn care requirements:

  • For those prioritising performance: Assess engine power against your yard size.
  • Considering maintenance: Look into the accessibility of parts and serviceability.
  • Efficiency seekers: Judge fuel economy against overall running costs.
  • Cost watchers: Compare warranties to foresee potential future expenses.
  • Greener pastures: Consider each brand’s environmental footprint if that’s important for you.

Ultimately, to arrive at a conclusion that feels right for you requires balancing these factors with personal preference derived from hands-on experience or trusted reviews. Visit local dealers where possible; getting behind each mower gives invaluable insights into what feels natural underhand—an aspect specs alone won’t reveal.

So, while I can’t declare an absolute winner, as each gardener’s utopia differs, I stand by empowering you with knowledge so that when push comes to shove (or push-mower comes to lawn), your choice will spring from well-informed confidence rather than mere guesswork.


Ultimately, whether you select Bushranger or Honda, you’re choosing more than just a mower; you’re investing in a tool that will shape your landscape and potentially affect your peace of mind during those long hours of yard work. 

Each brand has its merits, and drawing from personal experience combined with meticulous research will ensure that your hard-earned money is well spent on a companion that won’t disappoint you amidst the grass clippings.

In essence, there is no one-size-fits-all answer here. Like gardening, it comes down to preference, purpose, and care.