Best Weed and Feed in Australia

Published On:
February 7, 2024

Ever wondered why some lawns in your neighbourhood seem to thrive year-round while others struggle to keep up?

The secret might lie in the choice of lawn care products. In this comprehensive review, we dive into Australia's best weed and feed products, comparing their features, benefits, and how they stack up against competitors.

Granular Weed and Feed Cover Drawing
Best weed and feed for all lawn types
Scotts Lawn Builder - Weed, Feed and Green Up
  • Weed control efficacy: 9/10
  • Fertilisation quality: 8/10
  • Cost-effectiveness: 9/10
  • Environmental impact: 8/10
  • Safety for pets and children: 8/10
Best weed and feed for couch grass
Brunnings Hose On Feed N Weed Fertilizer
  • Weed control efficacy: 8/10
  • Fertilisation quality: 8/10
  • Cost-effectiveness: 9/10
  • Environmental impact: 6/10
  • Safety for pets and children: 7/10
Best weed and feed for buffalo grass
Yates Buffalo Pro Weed N Feed
  • Weed control efficacy: 8/10
  • Fertilisation quality: 9/10
  • Cost-effectiveness: 7/10
  • Environmental impact: 6/10
  • Safety for pets and children: 7/10

What is weed and feed?

As an individual who has spent countless hours turning patches of dirt into lush expanses of green, I understand everyone’s innate desire to possess a lawn that’s the envy of the block. 

A patch devoid of unsightly weeds shooting up between blades, yet bursting with health, showcasing shades of vibrant green. The answer lies within one simple term: Weed and Feed.

Weed and Feed products are akin to getting two birds with one stone in yard care. They are dual-action formulations that help eliminate unwanted vegetation (weeds) and nourish your lawn by providing essential nutrients for robust growth (feed). Simplistically put, these solutions help rid your lawn of pesky invaders while simultaneously promoting healthy grass!

These products come mainly in granular form or liquid formulation, which could be applied through class hose-end sprayers. They usually contain a thoughtful concoction of selective herbicides aimed at exterminating volatile weeds alongside fertilising components to bolster nutrition value.

Fertilised lawn

Benefits of weed and feed

Diving deeper into the heart of lawn maintenance, the benefits of using weed and feed products extend far beyond mere aesthetics. These powerful tools tackle the visible annoyances and work beneath the surface to ensure your lawn’s health and vitality. Here’s how:

  • Dual efficiency: Imagine your lawn as a thriving ecosystem. Weed and feed products are the guardians, simultaneously defending against invaders (weeds) while nurturing the land (feed). This dual action means you’re combating current issues and preventing future ones, all with a single application.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Buying separate products for weed control and fertilisation can quickly add up in the quest for a pristine lawn. Weed and feed combine these essential functions, providing a budget-friendly solution without compromising quality. Save your wallet and your weekend by halving your lawn care routine.
  • Ease of use: Time is a luxury, and garden maintenance can be time-consuming. The convenience of weed and feed formulations, available in both granular and liquid forms, caters to every gardener’s needs. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a busy novice, applying these products is straightforward, allowing more time to enjoy your lush, green oasis.
  • Targeted action: With a carefully selected mix of herbicides, weeds, and feed products, ensure that only the unwanted weeds are targeted, leaving your grass unharmed. This selective approach means your lawn gets the nutrients it needs without the competition, promoting denser, healthier growth.
  • Long-term health: Beyond the immediate gratification of a weed-free lawn, these products lay the groundwork for long-term health and resilience. By nourishing the soil and roots, your lawn is better equipped to withstand drought, disease, and further weed invasions, ensuring it remains a source of pride for years.

Incorporating weed and feed into your lawn care regimen is not just about maintaining appearances; it’s an investment in the health and durability of your outdoor space. With these compelling benefits, it’s clear why choosing the right weed and feed product can make all the difference in achieving and sustaining that envy-worthy lawn.

​​Selecting the right weed and feed for your lawn

Neglecting to choose a weed and feed suitable for your lawn’s specific grass type can hinder its growth. 

Subsequently impacting the lawn beauty that you want to achieve, let me break down how each of Australia’s common grass types interacts with different weed and feed options:

  1. Kikuyu is a resilient species that responds well to most weed and feed products. It not only tolerates frequent mowing but also thrives in various climates. 
  2. Couch grass prefers slightly harsher treatment; hence, many weed and feed products designed for it tend to contain more assertive herbicides. 
  3. Buffalo grass often needs special care because certain herbicides that work fine on other variants may harm buffalo lawns.

Understanding your lawn’s specific needs becomes crucial here as it allows you to make an informed choice when purchasing a product.

What is the best weed and feed in Australia?

Now that we’ve established a firm understanding of what weed and feed is, it’s time to delve into the question on everybody’s lips; which product claims the top spot as the best weed and feed in Australia? 

I assert that this question doesn’t have one absolute answer. Why? Every lawn is unique with its own set of requirements.

First, look at some of the most sought-after options for Australian homeowners. Several household names have gained significant traction over the years, their reputation often preceded by satisfied customers singing praises when discussing lawn care.

Best weed and feed for all lawn types
Scotts Lawn Builder - Weed, Feed and Green Up

Scotts Lawn Builder - Weed, Feed and Green Up

  • Weed control efficacy: 9/10
  • Fertilisation quality: 8/10
  • Cost-effectiveness: 9/10
  • Environmental impact: 8/10
  • Safety for pets and children: 8/10

After spending a few weeks with Scotts Lawn Builder - Weed, Feed and Green Up, I've come to appreciate its nuanced approach to lawn care. This formula's unique blend of soluble nitrogen and iron is a game-changer. Unlike other products I've tried, Scotts Lawn Builder gets to work immediately, offering a rapid greening response that's visible within days. The ease of application with the 2L Easy Sprayer bottle made the entire process hassle-free, covering my medium-sized lawn efficiently without any mess or waste.

One of my standout features was its effectiveness on various broadleaf weeds, including the stubborn bindii and clover that had taken residence in my lawn. The high concentration of active ingredients didn't just promise results; it delivered, significantly reducing the weeds while leaving the grass vibrant and healthy. Moreover, the low phosphorus content eased my environmental concerns, knowing I wasn't contributing to ground or surface water risk.

However, it wasn't all smooth sailing. The Easy Sprayer, while convenient, had its quirks. Initially, getting a consistent flow required some fiddling, reminiscent of user reviews I'd read. Yet, once I got the hang of it, the application was straightforward.

  • Rapid greening response: The lawn visibly greened up within days thanks to the highly soluble nitrogen and iron.
  • Effective weed control: It tackled a range of broadleaf weeds, making my lawn look cleaner and more uniform.
  • Environmentally conscious: With a low phosphorus content, it's a more eco-friendly option for lawn care.
  • Learning curve with sprayer: Getting used to the sprayer took a bit of effort, which might be off-putting for some.
  • Preparation and cleanup: Shaking and attaching the bottle properly can be a minor inconvenience.
  • Weather dependent: Its effectiveness can be compromised by rain or wind shortly after application.
Best weed and feed for couch grass
Brunnings Hose On Feed N Weed Fertilizer

Brunnings Hose On Feed N Weed Fertilizer

  • Weed control efficacy: 8/10
  • Fertilisation quality: 8/10
  • Cost-effectiveness: 9/10
  • Environmental impact: 6/10
  • Safety for pets and children: 7/10

Embarking on a mission to reclaim my lawn from the clutches of dandelions, clover, and bindii, I turned to Brunnings Hose On Feed N Weed Fertilizer. This 2.7L solution promised a convenient battle against weeds while nourishing my couch grass, and it didn't disappoint. The ease of attaching the hose directly to the bottle and spraying away was a game-changer for me. No mixing, no mess, just a straightforward application that even a gardening novice could master.

The product's dual-action formula, serving as a fertiliser and a weed killer, meant I could tackle two major lawn care tasks simultaneously. The slow-release formula was particularly impressive, ensuring my lawn received a steady supply of nutrients over several weeks, promoting a lush, green growth that was visibly healthier.

Weed control was effective, with common culprits like dandelions and clover meeting their demise within the 3-4 weeks as promised. The added nitrogen and iron in the formula supported strong lawn growth. They enhanced the deep green colour of my couch grass, making it the neighbourhood envy.

  • Convenience: The hose-on application is incredibly user-friendly, saving time and effort.
  • Dual-action formula: Kills weeds while feeding the lawn, streamlining lawn maintenance.
  • Effective weed control: Targets a variety of common weeds, ensuring a cleaner lawn.
  • Applicator issues: Some users have reported problems with the hose attachment, affecting ease of use.
  • Initial lawn appearance: The lawn may look worse before it looks better, as weeds die off.
  • Water pressure sensitivity: Too much water pressure can detach the hose, complicating the application.
Best weed and feed for buffalo grass
Yates Buffalo Pro Weed N Feed

Yates Buffalo Pro Weed N Feed

  • Weed control efficacy: 8/10
  • Fertilisation quality: 9/10
  • Cost-effectiveness: 7/10
  • Environmental impact: 6/10
  • Safety for pets and children: 7/10

Diving into the world of lawn care with Yates Buffalo Pro Weed N Feed has been an enlightening journey. This 10kg granular weed killer and fertiliser combo is specifically designed for buffalo grass. It is a popular choice for its low maintenance and resilience. The product promises fast-acting weed control, visible results within days, and an added fertiliser component for rapid lawn greening. Having spread this across my lawn, I first noticed the ease of application. The granules are ready to spread, making the task straightforward without mixing or complicated equipment.

The formulation containing 50g/kg of iron as iron sulphate is a standout feature. This not only aids in controlling broadleaf weeds like thistles, bindii, clover, and dandelions but also contributes to the rapid greening of the lawn. The root system absorbs the soluble iron and nitrogen, promoting growth. It's fascinating to see how the granules work; they must be applied to moist grass, which then turns black for a few days post-application, signalling the weed control process. However, the lawn recovers to reveal a lush, green appearance.

  • Fast-acting weed control: Visible results within days, effectively managing common broadleaf weeds.
  • Ease of use: The granular form is simple to apply by hand over large areas.
  • High iron content: The iron sulphate not only helps control weeds but also enhances the green colour of the grass.
  • Risk of staining: The iron content can stain hard surfaces and clothes, requiring careful application.
  • Temporary lawn blackening: The lawn turns black temporarily, which might concern some users.
  • Weather dependent: For optimal results, application timing must consider weather conditions to avoid washing away or ineffectiveness.
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What to consider before buying weed and feed

Before you dash off to grab a weed and feed product, here are a few straightforward pointers to ensure you pick the best one for your lawn:

  • Know your grass type: Your lawn’s grass type is crucial. Different grasses have different needs and respond differently to weed and feed products. Whether you have Kikuyu, Couch, Buffalo, or another type, ensure your chosen product is a good match to avoid damage.
  • Assess your lawn’s needs: Consider what your lawn really needs. Is it overrun with weeds, or are you mainly looking to boost growth and health? Some products are more weed-focused, while others prioritise feeding.
  • Local climate matters: Your local weather plays a big role in how effective a weed and feed product can be. If you live in a region with lots of rain, you’ll need something that won’t wash away. In drier areas, look for products that don’t require lots of watering to activate.
  • Ease of application: Consider how much effort you will put into applying. Liquid hose-end sprayers are convenient and easy to use, while granular types might require a spreader but can be more precise.
  • Environmental and safety considerations: If you have pets or children or are environmentally conscious, look for safe and eco-friendly products. Some formulas are less harsh, reducing the risk to your family and the planet.

In short, choosing the right weed and feed is about knowing your lawn, understanding the product’s match to your needs, and considering the practicalities of application and safety. A little homework before you buy can lead to much better results for your lawn.

Fertilising with granular weed and feed

Understanding the components of weed and feed

Grass care is a science, properly employing techniques dictated by complex variables. 

Among the crucial solutions for revitalising green spaces lies a compound identified as ‘weed and feed’. Each element within this substance serves its unique purpose and impacts your lawn differently. 

To make the fullest use of weed and feed, it’s essential to understand these components – herbicides and fertilisers – which are integral to lawn maintenance.

Herbicide component: types and effectiveness on weeds

Let’s look into weed management at heart. It’s akin to fighting an ongoing guerrilla war against intruders who occasionally appear unwelcome. 

Weed and feed products consist of selective herbicides tailored towards addressing diverse weeds without causing significant distress to your grass. Broadly speaking, herbicides can be segregated into two categories:

  1. Post-emergent herbicides: Aimed at eliminating existing weeds rather than preemptive prevention.
  2. Pre-emergent herbicides: Curbs weed outbreak right from the germination phase.

Depending on the prevalent weed species infiltrating your turf, you must opt between these options. For instance, dandelions, clover and other broadleaf weeds are best managed through post-emergent herbicides ingrained in many brands’ weed & feed formulations.

Keep in mind that not every type of herbicide will work effectively on every kind of weed species. Now, onto the next ingredient.

Fertiliser component: benefits and nutrients for lawn

So, having dispatched invaders using militant action (herbicide), it’s time for some nurturing diplomacy regarding nutrition provision through fertilisation!

Fertiliser embedded within weed and feed outfits our lawns with key nutrients necessary for robust health – nitrogen (for leaf growth & vivid verdant vibes), phosphorus (for energy transfer and root expansion) and potassium (boosts plant disease resistance). The ratio of these elements in a product is often furnished on the packaging, specified as NPK value. 

Nitrogen predominantly plays superhero for lawns, equipping grasses with rich green pigmentation and boosting growth rate. It’s useful during spring or early autumn when your grass is engaged in active growth.

Understanding these components – herbicides to combat weeds and fertilisers infusing essential nutrients – sets you on firm footing ahead of making an informed decision regarding weed and feed products most appropriate for your specific lawn needs in Australia.

How to properly apply weed and feed on your lawn

Whether you’re an expert gardener or taking your first steps into yard maintenance, understanding the correct application of weed and feed is vital. Applying it too sparingly might not provide the desired effect while overdosing might harm your garden instead of nourishing it.

Let’s dive into some specific application guidelines. 

Proper timing for applying weed and feed

The best seasons for treatment are generally spring when the grass begins growing rapidly after its winter slumber, or autumn, as they prepare for dormancy in winter whilst sucking up nutrients voraciously. 

But even within these seasons, look for a day when rain isn’t forecasted within 24 hours post-application, followed by moderate temperatures (15-25°C). This allows the herbicides enough time to be absorbed by the weeds before being washed away.

Consistent morning dew also enhances foliar uptake. Avoiding extremes provides the most suitable conditions for your plants to absorb nutrients, reducing the chances of burning them.

Step-by-step instructions for applying granular weed and feed

The granular variety of weed and feed products is often favoured due to its easy handling and direct reach to the plant’s root system. Here’s a simplified guide to its application:

  1. First, ensure your lawn is moist, which helps the granules adhere to weeds, guaranteeing better absorption.
  2. Before spreading, always read manufacturer instructions regarding spreader settings.
  3. Fill the spreader with the granular weed product away from plants or clean the pavement, as spills can burn grass or stain pavements.
  4. Start spreading along edges, then go back and forth across your lawn, ensuring overlapping by a small margin between adjacent pass lanes.
  5. After applying, refrain from mowing for about two-three days, allowing the product time to absorb effectively,
  6. Lastly, watering after 24 hours will speed up fertilisation while keeping pesky weeds at bay.

Instructions for using hose-on/foliar spray weed and feed

If you choose hose-on or foliar spray types of weed and feed products over dry granules, following these outlined steps should help you make the most out of them:

  1. The hose-end sprayer must connect to a garden hose imitation raindrop sprinkling, aiding superior leaf coverage.
  2. Spraying should be conducted either early morning or evening, as extreme heat during the day causes rapid evaporation, leading to suboptimal uptake.
  3. Refrain from watering your lawn until the sprayed solution dries completely.

Remember, not ever both simultaneously–using foliar spray versions while still having dry granules could lead to an overdose.

Liquid fertilisation of lawn

Precautions to take while using weed and feed on lawns

Safety always comes first! Here are a few key preventative measures:

  1. Follow instructions: Always adhere to manufacturer guidelines on the product regarding quantities applied per area, lawn compatibility, and application method.
  2. Protection gear: Wear gloves to avoid direct skin contact with herbicides present in these products that could irritate your skin; eye protection isn’t a bad idea as well, considering possible splash-backs.
  3. Children and pets: Keep minors and pets away from treated areas for the period specified by manufacturers.
  4. Avoid over-application: Excessive use can lead to nutrient runoff into neighbouring water bodies, contributing knockout effects on aquatic life besides burning your grass instead of nurturing it.

In essence, weed and feed solutions provide a dual-task action in maintaining lush, healthy lawns by giving them essential nutrients whilst eliminating unsightly weeds. Still, their effectiveness largely depends on keenness in factors like correct identification of the weed type dealt with, accompanied by appropriate timing coupled with precautionary undertakings during usage.

Final thoughts 

The right weed and feed product can transform your lawn from a weed-infested patch into a lush, green paradise. 

Remember, the key lies in understanding your lawn’s specific needs, selecting a product that aligns with them, and applying it correctly. Armed with the insights from this guide, you’re now equipped to make an informed choice that ensures your lawn stays healthy, vibrant, and the envy of the neighbourhood. 

Happy gardening!


What is the best lawn feed and weed?

The best lawn feed and weed product varies depending on your grass type and specific lawn needs. Still, Scotts Lawn Builder – Weed, Feed and Green Up is highly praised for its effectiveness across various conditions.

What is better than weed and feed?

Organic lawn care methods, such as composting and manually removing weeds, can be more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to chemical weed and feed products. Alternatively, you could try a weed killer for more effective results. 

Does weed and feed really work?

Yes, weed and feed products work effectively by simultaneously killing weeds and nourishing the lawn, provided they are applied correctly and in suitable weather conditions.

Should you weed and feed before or after mowing?

It’s best to apply weed and feed after mowing and when the lawn is slightly moist, ensuring the granules stick to the weeds better and the grass is short enough for the product to reach the soil easily.