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Published On:
January 4, 2024

Picture this: you are standing in your yard, staring at the overgrown grass and thick foliage. You feel overwhelmed thinking about where you even start with regular mowers. Suddenly, there's a sparkle in your eye as you remember that super tool: the brush cutter!

That's right! Welcome to my ultimate guide on the best brush cutters in Australia for 2024. This concise report is tailored to help Australians like you navigate through some of the top-rated brush cutters and decide which one will become your gardening aid.

With comprehensive reviews of various models assessed on pivotal factors such as power source, engine capacity, weight & manoeuvrability, and blade types, this post will be your go-to resource for all things related to choosing the best brush cutter in Australia.

Dewalt DCM5713N
Best battery-powered brush cutter
  • 38CM SWATH: This refers to the cutting width of the trimmer, which is 38 cm.
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor: The trimmer has a brushless motor that provides high efficiency.
  • Metal Motor Housing: The motor is housed in metal, providing durability and protection.
  • 2.0mm Line: The trimmer uses a 2.0mm line for cutting, with a 2.5mm twisted line also available.
  • FLEXVOLT 3Ah (9Ah 18V): It uses the FLEXVOLT battery system, which is a 3Ah battery that can deliver the power equivalent of 9Ah at 18V
STIHL FS 260 C-E 2.0kW 41.6cc Professional Easy2Start 2-Stroke Petrol Brushcutter
Best petrol brush cutter
  • STIHL 2-MIX Engine:
  • Simplified Starting System
  • STIHL Anti-vibration System
  • Ergonomic Bike Handle
  • Easy2Start (E) System
BLACK+DECKER ST8600 5.0 AMP String Trimmer
Best electric brush cutter
  • 2-in-1 Functionality
  • Easy Handling
  • Automatic Spool Feed Technology
  • POWERDRIVE Transmission
  • Wider Trimming Area

What is a Brush Cutter and its purpose?

A brush cutter acts like a garden Superman – it is not afraid of anything it encounters. It is a potent gardening tool designed primarily to trim trees’ branches and cut down heavy bushes or tall grasses where ordinary lawnmowers may fail drastically.
Equipped with sturdy blades capable of slicing through dense vegetation quickly and efficiently, these compact yet powerful machines can single-handedly clear massive areas of undergrowth within hours.
Visit our detailed comparison here to learn more about how brush cutters compare to line trimmers, another common gardening tool.
Importance of using a brush cutter for lawn maintenance
Why should you consider having a brush cutter for lawn maintenance? If maintaining an appealing aesthetic around your premises matters to you or if regular upkeep demands seem dwarfed by thick foliage littering around repeatedly- then here are some reasons why:
  • Efficiency: A good-quality brush cutter can easily tackle large areas with dense vegetation or overgrowth in less time than other hand tools.
  • Versatility: Unlike other tools specialised only for specific purposes, the best professional brush cutter Australia offers conveniently takes care of different tasks, including edging, trimming hard-to-reach areas and mowing down even the heaviest brushwood.
  • Labour-saving: Regular hand tools require strenuous effort and take a lot of time, which can increase fatigue. In contrast, using a brush cutter can save you from considerable physical strain while offering highly effective results.
By now, it should be clear how indispensable a brush cutter can be for maintaining an unruly lawn or neatly manicured yard. So, let me guide you through some of the best brush cutters in Australia that are worth investing in. Hold tight as we embark on this review journey together!

Best brush cutter models in Australia

Choosing the best brush cutter for your needs can be challenging, considering the many models available on the Australian market. I will discuss top-rated models that have outperformed others regarding functionality, reliability, and efficiency.
Dewalt DCM5713N
Best battery-powered brush cutter

Dewalt DCM5713N

  • 38cm Swath
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor
  • Metal Motor Housing
  • 2.0mm Line
  • FLEXVOLT 3Ah (9Ah 18V)

For garden enthusiasts who prefer cordless convenience over gas-powered units, you might be attracted to the Dewalt DCM5713N Battery-Powered Trimmer/Brush Cutter.

There's no denying that this model stands out among battery-powered equivalents due to its robust build. The Dewalt DCM5713N delivers powerful cutting with a dual-line bump head, making large quantities of trimming work easier and faster.

This model certainly goes above and beyond the limits of many battery-powered brush cutters, featuring a high-efficiency brushless motor that provides up to half an hour of runtime on a single charge. Another key selling point is its comfort grip handle, which greatly enhances control while minimising user fatigue.

  • High Torque and Long Battery Life: incredible torque and a long-lasting 54-volt battery.
  • Ease of use: I appreciated its ease of use, especially for those struggling with starting engines.
  • Easy storage: it folds easily in half for convenient storage.
  • Strap Release Quality: I feel that the spring clip for the strap release felt a bit flimsy.
  • Cost: More expensive than other trimmers on the market. 
STIHL FS 260 C-E 2.0kW 41.6cc Professional Easy2Start 2-Stroke Petrol Brushcutter
Best petrol brush cutter

STIHL FS 260 C-E 2.0kW 41.6cc Professional Easy2Start 2-Stroke Petrol Brushcutter

  • STIHL 2-MIX Engine
  • Simplified Starting System
  • STIHL Anti-vibration System
  • Ergonomic Bike Handle
  • Easy2Start (E) System

When talking about the best petrol brush cutter in Australia, nothing beats the STIHL FS 260 C-E Professional Brushcutter. This powerhouse trimmer is built primarily for heavy-duty application while ensuring that comfort and ease of use are not compromised.

The STIHL FS 260 C-E impresses both beginners and professionals alike with its outstanding power capacity of 2.0 kW engine and convenient Easy2Start System. It has a displacement of 41.6 cc which ensures an efficient cutting performance even on dense grass or stubborn weeds.

Besides its motor strength, its ergonomic design makes handling easy and stress-free even after long hours of usage. Let's not forget its low-emission technology which keeps environmental impact at minimum while offering great output! Certainly, this model tops the best petrol brush cutter Australia category without dispute.

  • Efficient Engine: The 2-MIX engine enhances power while being more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly due to reduced emissions.
  • Easy Start-Up: The Easy2Start system and simplified starting process make it user-friendly, requiring less effort to start the engine.
  • Comfort and Convenience: The anti-vibration system and ergonomic bike handle reduce fatigue during operation, and the tool-free handle adjustment adds to the convenience.
  • Weight and Size: For some users, especially those with less experience or physical limitations, the size and weight of the brushcutter might be challenging to handle.
  • Noise Level: As with most petrol-powered equipment, it likely generates significant noise during operation, which could be a concern in noise-sensitive areas or for prolonged use.
BLACK+DECKER ST8600 5.0 AMP String Trimmer
Best electric brush cutter

BLACK+DECKER ST8600 5.0 AMP String Trimmer

  • 2-in-1 Functionality
  • Easy Handling
  • Automatic Spool Feed Technology
  • POWERDRIVE Transmission
  • Wider Trimming Area

Lastly, if you're in the hunt for the best electric brush cutter Australia offers, look no further than the BLACK + DECKER ST8600 String Trimmer. This model has a commanding presence in the market because of its commendable performance and unbeaten cost-effectiveness.

The Black and Decker ST8600 comes with a formidable 5 Amp motor that effortlessly handles overgrown grass and heavy weed infestation. Its 13-inch swathe and high torque transmission provide maximum performance when trimming through the toughest weeds, grass and overgrowth.

One distinct feature I appreciate about this product is its cord retention system that prevents accidental disconnection, no doubt enhancing safety during operation. The adjustable height and pivoting handle positions ensure ergonomic comfort, leading to less strain during prolonged use.

  • Auto Feed Feature: The auto-feed works perfectly. It's a great upgrade from the old bump feeder models and saves time.
  • Powerful Performance: This trimmer has excellent power. Even when hitting a root or hard object, it speeds up effectively.
  • Gasless Convenience: I'm really impressed with this gasless weed eater. It's my first time using one, and it's so much easier than dealing with a gas-powered version.
  • Line Consumption: Initially, it can run through a spool of line quickly, especially during heavy weeding.
  • Edger Functionality: The edger doesn't work as well as expected. It might go through the entire spool of trimmer line while edging just a small area.
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What is the best brush cutter for professionals?

As a seasoned gardening enthusiast, I recognise the significance of selecting a brush cutter that balances durability and performance for professional use. Among the many models I’ve reviewed, the STIHL FS 260 C-E 2.0kW 41.6cc Professional Easy2Start 2-Stroke Petrol Brushcutter consistently emerges as a superior choice for professionals. Esteemed for its robustness and efficiency, this STIHL model is a true workhorse, adept at handling demanding tasks.

Its pragmatic design and robust build, typical of STIHL’s professional range, ensure a powerful yet user-friendly experience. Its versatility is remarkable, seamlessly transitioning from trimming grass to cutting through thicker brush. Its lightweight yet potent design ensures prolonged comfort during use, a crucial aspect for professionals.

Trust in the STIHL brand, renowned for high-quality garden tools, further solidifies its standing as a top choice. The STIHL FS 260 C-E embodies the ideal blend of strength and ease, making it an invaluable asset for professional gardeners and a testament to my commitment to recommending quality tools.

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What is the most heavy-duty brush cutter?

A robust brush cutter is essential for those tackling vast areas and dense vegetation. The Dewalt DCM5713N Battery-Powered Trimmer/Brush Cutter stands out in this category. Known for its impressive capabilities, this Dewalt model is ideal for handling demanding tasks.

It features a high-efficiency brushless motor that delivers strong cutting power, essential for dense undergrowth. Thanks to its ergonomic build and comfortable grip, its design prioritises user comfort, even during extended use. The versatility of the Dewalt DCM5713N is another key strength, offering adaptability for various cutting tasks.

This blend of power, ease of use, and adaptability make it an exceptional choice for heavy-duty requirements and a top contender for Australia’s title ‘best professional brush cutter’.

Factors to consider when choosing the best brush cutter in Australia

When trying to find the best brush cutter Australia offers, it’s crucial to take your time with decisions. Various factors need careful consideration before making an investment. Here are some essentials that you should absolutely ponder.

Weight and manoeuvrability of the brush cutter

The weight and manoeuvrability of the brush cutter play pivotal roles in user experience. Heavier models might be ideal for tackling heavy-duty tasks. Still, they can also lead to fatigue if used for long periods.

Conversely, lighter models allow easier movement around flower beds or between trees. However, note that these might only be up to challenging jobs with performance trade-offs. When selecting the best petrol brush cutter or battery-powered version, you must balance your needs and physical comfort.

Power source options: petrol vs electric brush cutters

Your choice of power source largely depends on your intended usage and available facilities. Petrol-operated devices are coveted for their raw power and independence from cable limitations typically found in electric variants.

Meanwhile, electric brush cutters can be corded or run on rechargeable batteries. The corded versions require access to a power outlet, which may limit mobility but eliminates worries about refuelling or battery life. Battery-operated units offer unrestricted movement similar to their petrol counterparts yet demand frequent battery changes or recharging, particularly during hefty operations.

Make sure your selection aligns with your work style, as deciding between petrol and electric is critical when choosing the best professional brush cutter Australia offers.

Engine power and capacity considerations

One more factor does deserve your attention – engine power and capacity. For instance, if you’re after heavy-duty brush-cutting performance (usually entailing thicker foliage), opt for robust engines with high capacity.

However, remember that higher capacities often mean increased fuel consumption, as seen in most powerful brush cutters. If your lawn maintenance needs are minimal, a lightweight engine might suffice and even save on fuel costs.

In conclusion, weight, power source, and engine capacity are significant considerations when scouring the market for the best brush cutter Australia has to offer. You must differentiate between wants and needs to ensure an informed decision.

Different types of blades for brush cutters

Just as an array of brush cutter models populates the Australian market today, so are various blades available for these versatile and durable gardening tools. When choosing your best brush cutter in Australia, remember that a critical aspect to consider should be the type of blade included or compatible with your chosen model.

Discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of each blade type

Brush cutter blades come in three main varieties: knife (or chisel) blades, mulching blades, and brush cutting blades. Let’s delve into each one to help you make an informed choice.

The knife blade, often called a chisel blade due to its similarity with woodworking tools, is designed to handle rougher vegetation––such as small shrubs and thickets––that needs more forceful slashing actions. Its advantages are clearly visible when dealing with woody plants since it can easily penetrate their bark and cut through their limbs. However, its strength also comes with a disadvantage; it’s not particularly suited for handling softer grasses, which may sway under its edge without properly trimming.

Due to their unique design, mulching blades focus more on lawn maintenance than wild vegetation control. This efficiency instigates better mulching, which leads to healthier lawns over time. Their primary limitation, however, resides in their capacity levels – large branches or unruly weeds prove challenging for these bladed fellows; hence, they’re inadequate for harsher lawn situations.

Last but certainly not least are the brush cutting blades. These heavy-duty scythes embody versatility and all-around performance by allowing for adherence across varying terrains while delivering robust swings at long weeds or overgrown grasses. Admirably resilient against gentle tufts and tough twigs, they are a universal choice for any professional brush cutter in Australia looking to equip an instrument ready for any given scenario. However, as a ready-for-all cutter, it doesn’t excel unequivocally in any particular category. It can sometimes lack the specificity you might need.

To summarise:

  • Knife (Chisel) blade advantage: Highly efficient against woody plants
    • Disadvantage: Struggles with softer grasses.
  • Mulching blade advantage: Excellent at turning leaves/greenery into hay
    • Disadvantage: Ineffectual with large branches or harsh weed.
  • Brush Cutting blade advantage: Versatile across different plant types
    • Disadvantage: Lacks specialisation.

There are indeed blades pertinent to most common garden-related tasks your best brush cutter in Australia will face – knowing which one matches your specific needs is vital before jumping into action. Inspecting each blade typology helps you understand their relative merits and constraints significantly better, allowing informed decisions regarding the aptness of different blade types when choosing your ultimate brush cutting ally.

Additionally, explore our guide here for more information about different whipper snipper head types closely related to brush cutter blades.

Tips for maintaining and caring for a brush cutter in Australia

Keeping your brush cutter in optimal condition doesn’t have to be a daunting chore. Here are some tips from your trusty gardening assistant to ensure longevity and maximum performance.

Proper cleaning and storage practices

It’s crucial to thoroughly clean your brush cutter’s cutting blades after every use. This not only helps maintain efficiency but it also prolongs their life span. One way to do this is by using a wire brush or compressed air to remove any stubborn grass or dirt between the blades.

Equally important is properly storing your best brush cutter in Australia when not in use. Avoid leaving it outdoors, where weather elements can quickly deteriorate its vital parts. Instead, consider keeping your machine in a dry, clean space away from children’s reach. Remember, humidity can cause rusting, negatively impacting metallic parts’ functionality.

Every now and then, don’t forget to check and tighten any loose screws or fittings on your trusted heavy duty brush cutter in Australia – these tend to come undone due to frequent vibrations during operation.

Regular maintenance routines for optimal performance

You may own one of the best professional brush cutters Australia offers. Still, without regular maintenance, its performance will falter sooner than expected.

Consider these upkeep hacks:

  • Change the oil regularly: This applies mostly if you have a petrol-powered model like most would believe is the best petrol brush cutter Australia flaunts. Like vehicles, constant oil changes ensure smoother running and extended engine lifespan.
  • Sharpen those cutting blades: Dull blades require more effort and energy, whereas tasks involving well-sharpened edges take less time.
  • Replace air filters as needed: Blocked filters obstruct airflow into the engine, reducing power output and increasing fuel consumption. Stay ahead by cleaning and replacing them as required.
  • Monitor your spark plugs: Faulty plugs can lead to inefficient fuel combustion and decrease power. Therefore, always be on the lookout for worn-out or corroded spark plugs, which require immediate replacement.

By following these quick yet effective practices, you can rest assured that you’ll maintain the competitive edge of having Australia’s best brush cutter. Keep in mind that a well-maintained tool not only benefits its owner but also contributes to preserving our beautiful Australian environment!

Safety precautions when using a brush cutter in Australia

As an experienced user and reviewer of brush cutters, I hold safety vital. It doesn’t matter if you’re handling the best brush cutter in Australia; without proper measures, accidents can happen. So, let’s delve into crucial safety precautions you should observe while working with these powerful tools.

Protective gear and clothing recommendations

Before even picking up your professional or heavy-duty brush cutter, ensuring you are well-dressed for the task comes first. Here’s what I recommend as essential protective wear:

  • Safety goggles: These protect your eyes from debris during cutting. Opt for models that also provide side protection; they are definitely a must-have.
  • Sturdy work boots: Boots with steel toecaps offer better protection against accidental slips that can lead to foot injuries.
  • Work gloves: Thick gloves safeguard your hands from blisters and potential cuts when handling tricky bush terrain.
  • Heavy-duty trousers: Thorns and sharp sticks lurk among the undergrowth, so do not overlook the importance of wearing long pants to ensure lower body safety.
  • Helmet: Noise-reducing earmuffs plus a face screen on specific helmets shield your ears and face efficiently during operation times.

Proper handling techniques to prevent accidents or injuries

Once I’ve donned my protective gear, it’s about how well I handle my tool – whether using the best electric brush cutter Australia offers or perhaps firing up the most powerful petrol-powered brush cutter around.

Properly gripping and holding onto your machine ensures better control, decreasing chances of injury remarkably. However, here are more tips:

  • Thorough inspection: Before every use, check your device for any damaged parts or loose screws to avoid unwanted surprises mid-session.
  • One at a time: Whenever you need to replace blades or perform maintenance, ensure your brush cutter is off and the engine has cooled.
  • Fatigue management: Power tools are heavy gadgets. Working in short bursts and taking regular breaks helps avoid overexertion and subsequent accidents.
  • Clearing the path: Always remove larger sticks and stones from the working area before commencing with the machine for best results.

Finally, remember that using a brush cutter efficiently is about having the best brand and handling it safely. My safety guide will prove valuable towards making garden maintenance less strenuous for everyone. Stay tuned as we explore more informative topics on lawn care and preservation.

Conclusion and final thoughts on the best brush cutters in Australia

In the conclusion of the brush cutter review, the author emphasises the importance of balancing utility, personal comfort, and budget when selecting the best brush cutter in Australia. They highlight the STIHL FS 260 C-E as their top choice for petrol-based cutters due to its power and ease of use.

For those who prefer battery-operated tools, the Dewalt DCM5713N is recommended for its robust build and performance. Among electric models, the BLACK+DECKER ST8600 is favoured for its user-friendliness and lower environmental impact.

I advise regular maintenance and safety precautions, stressing the technical aspects and personal enjoyment of garden chores!

Brushcutter FAQs

Are there eco-friendly brush cutters available that minimize environmental impact?

Yes, eco-friendly brush cutters include electric or battery-powered models that produce fewer emissions than petrol-powered ones. These models are also generally quieter and more energy-efficient, making them a more environmentally conscious choice for garden maintenance.

Can I use different attachments with my brush cutter for various gardening tasks?

Yes, many brush cutters are designed to be versatile and can accommodate a range of attachments for different gardening tasks. These attachments can include other blades for cutting vegetation, edger attachments for neat lawn edges, and even attachments for tasks like tilling soil or sweeping debris. However, ensuring that any attachments used are compatible with your specific brush cutter model is important.

How do I choose the right blade type for my brush cutter, depending on the task?

The choice of blade for your brush cutter depends on the vegetation you intend to cut. A chisel or knife blade is effective for dense, woody vegetation or small saplings. A standard trimmer line or a plastic blade might suffice for softer grasses and weeds. A multi-purpose or brush-cutting blade can be a good choice for mixed vegetation. Always ensure the blade is suitable for your brush cutter model and securely attached before use.