Best Robot Lawn Mower in Australia

Published On:
February 1, 2024

Ever wondered how to keep your lawn pristine without lifting a finger? Welcome to our comprehensive 2024 review of Australia's best robot lawn mowers, a game-changer for garden maintenance.

From tackling tough terrains to seamless app integrations, we dive deep into the top models that promise to revolutionise your lawn care routine. Discover how these robotic marvels offer a blend of convenience, efficiency, and eco-friendliness, setting a new standard in automated outdoor upkeep.

Robotic lawn mower cover
Editor's choice
WORX Landroid WR140E
  • Area coverage: 8/10
  • Smart navigation: 9/10
  • Battery life and charging: 8/10
  • Connectivity and app integration: 8/10
  • Maintenance and durability: 7/10
Best robot lawn mower for large gardens
WORX Landroid WR150E
  • Area coverage: 9/10
  • Smart navigation: 9/10
  • Battery life and charging: 8/10
  • Connectivity and app integration: 7/10
  • Maintenance and durability: 7/10
Best robot mower for slopes
KOWOLL M18EX Robot Lawn Mower
  • Area coverage: 8/10 
  • Smart navigation: 7/10 
  • Battery life and charging: 7/10 
  • Connectivity and app integration: 8/10
  • Maintenance and durability: 6/10

What is a Robot lawn mower?

A robot lawn mower is an automated machine designed to cut grass without human assistance. They work like robotic vacuum cleaners with their programmed navigation systems and sensors, allowing them to autonomously cover specified areas you designate using boundary wires or GPS mapping techniques. 

These devices verge on being sci-fi; however, they’re fast becoming widespread as landscapers and homeowners recognize how convenient they can be.

Benefits of robot mowers

Robot mowers offer numerous advantages that make them worth considering:

  • Hands-free operation: After initial setup, these devices operate independently, freeing up your time for other pursuits.
  • Energy efficient: Most models are battery-powered, making them more environmentally friendly than gas-powered alternatives.
  • Quiet running: Unlike traditional, noisy and disruptive mowers, most robot mowers emit very little noise.
  • Healthier lawns: Frequent small clips rather than less frequent harsh cuts help keep your lawn healthier.

Limitations of robot mowers

With such phenomenal benefits come some limitations, which include:

  • Complex gardens may pose challenges: Gardens with many obstacles or steep slopes could present significant difficulties requiring additional planning or equipment involvement.
  • Regular maintenance: Like every machine, robot mowers require regular upkeep; this includes blade changing, cleaning, and sometimes software updates.
  • Upfront costs: Robotic lawn mowers tend to have higher initial costs than traditional push or ride-on lawnmowers.

Stick with me as we delve deeper into robotic yard maintenance. This journey will clarify whether investing in an automatic grass cutter is right for you and your Aussie home garden. Stay tuned!

Closeup of robot lawn mower

Best robot lawn mowers in Australia

In the pursuit of finding the best robot lawn mower, combing a plethora of options available on the market becomes essential. But don’t worry! I’ve done all the legwork for you. Here’s my curated list of the top robot lawn mowers that made a mark in Australia for 2024.

WORX Landroid WR140E
Editor's choice

WORX Landroid WR140E

  • Area coverage: 8/10
  • Smart navigation: 9/10
  • Battery life and charging: 8/10
  • Connectivity and app integration: 8/10
  • Maintenance and durability: 7/10

Imagine a sunny Australian afternoon, and there's no need to push around a heavy mower because the WORX Landroid WR140E is on the job. This robotic marvel, suitable for medium-sized gardens up to 1000m², has been a game-changer in my lawn care routine. Thanks to its AIA cutting technology, the first thing that strikes you is its sleek, multicoloured design, compact enough to navigate through the tightest spots.

Setting up the Landroid WR140E was a breeze. The boundary wire installation, a one-time effort, defines the mowing area, ensuring it never strays. Once set, the smart auto-scheduling feature takes over. It's fascinating how it adapts to the lawn's size and grass growth rates, almost like it's learning from the lawn itself. The 20V Powershare battery is a standout feature, interchangeable with other WORX tools, making this mower smart and a part of a larger ecosystem.

The cutting performance is impressive. With a cutting width of 180mm and adjustable height from 30-60mm, it delivers a uniform trim. The 'Cut to Edge' feature means less time spent on edge trimming. It's surprisingly quiet too, operating below 67dB, so it won't disturb your peaceful afternoons.

Navigating slopes was a concern initially, but the Landroid handles gradients up to 35% with ease, thanks to its robust wheels and brushless motor – the same tech used in electric vehicles. The rain sensor is a thoughtful addition, pausing operations in wet conditions to protect your lawn.

The accompanying app is the cherry on top. It offers full control and monitoring, and with Wi-Fi integration, I can adjust settings or check on the mower's status from anywhere. The peace of mind with the anti-theft system, requiring a 4-digit security PIN, is invaluable.

  • Efficient auto-scheduling: Adapts to lawn size and growth, optimising mowing times.
  • Advanced navigation: Handles complex gardens and slopes effortlessly.
  • Smart connectivity: Easy control and monitoring through the app.
  • Limited to medium-sized gardens: Not suitable for very large areas.
  • Rain sensor sensitivity: May halt operation at slight moisture.
  • Regular blade maintenance: Blades need frequent turning or replacing.
WORX Landroid WR150E
Best robot lawn mower for large gardens

WORX Landroid WR150E

  • Area coverage: 9/10
  • Smart navigation: 9/10
  • Battery life and charging: 8/10
  • Connectivity and app integration: 7/10
  • Maintenance and durability: 7/10

The WORX Landroid WR150E stands out as a top-tier choice for those with larger gardens, offering a blend of advanced technology, ease of use, and efficient lawn maintenance. Its intelligent design and customizable features ensure that your lawn is always in pristine condition, allowing you more time to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space.

With an area coverage capability of up to 1500m², this robotic lawn mower has been a game-changer, effortlessly managing the vast expanse of my lawn with precision and care. Its patented AIA cutting technology ensures it navigates through the narrowest of paths, making every corner of my garden accessible. Based on lawn conditions, the smart auto-scheduling feature has made lawn care virtually hands-off, allowing me more time to enjoy my garden rather than labouring over it.

The WR150E's ability to update itself with the latest software means it's always at the cutting edge of mowing technology, adapting to my lawn's size, shape, and growth rate. The offset 3-blade cutting system not only mulches but ensures a closer edge cut, reducing the need for manual trimming. Its performance on slopes and inclines is remarkable, thanks to the innovative electronics and two independent brushless wheel motors, making it versatile across different terrains.

  • Intelligent navigation: AIA technology allows for precise mowing even in narrow spaces.
  • Customisable mowing schedules: Offers both auto and manual scheduling for personalised lawn care.
  • Continuous software updates: Keeps the mower optimised with the latest technology.
  • Initial setup complexity: Setting up the boundary wire can be time-consuming.
  • Requires regular cleaning: To maintain optimal performance, regular cleaning is necessary.
  • Price point: Given its advanced features, the price point may be higher than other models.
KOWOLL M18EX Robot Lawn Mower
Best robot mower for slopes

KOWOLL M18EX Robot Lawn Mower

  • Area coverage: 8/10 
  • Smart navigation: 7/10 
  • Battery life and charging: 7/10 
  • Connectivity and app integration: 8/10
  • Maintenance and durability: 6/10

The KOWOLL M18EX stands out as a robust, intelligent solution for lawns with complex terrains and slopes. Its efficiency and smart features like app control and rain-sensing make it a top contender for those seeking a hassle-free, environmentally friendly lawn care option. While it requires an initial investment in time and money, the long-term benefits of having a consistently well-maintained lawn without the physical effort are invaluable.

This mower's intelligent path planning and efficient mowing rate of 150㎡/h have significantly reduced the time and effort required to maintain my lawn. Its ability to handle slopes up to 33% with ease is particularly impressive, making it the ideal solution for gardens like mine that are not uniformly flat.

The 4400mAh battery ensures that the M18EX can cover an area of up to 3229.17 square feet on a single charge, which is perfect for my 0.25-acre garden. The adjustable cutting height allows for precision in maintaining the lawn, ensuring a consistently beautiful and healthy lawn. The convenience of app control via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth means I can adjust settings or monitor the mower's progress from anywhere, a feature that has simplified lawn care for me.

  • Efficient slope handling: Manages slopes up to 33%, making it ideal for varied terrains.
  • App control: Offers convenience in scheduling and monitoring mowing sessions.
  • Rain sensor and waterproof: Automatically returns to the charging station in bad weather, enhancing durability.
  • Complex initial setup: Installing boundary wires, especially in intricate garden layouts, can be challenging.
  • Maintenance of boundary wire: Requires regular checks to ensure it's intact and properly positioned.
  • Limited by boundary wire: Can't mow outside the defined perimeter, requiring manual trimming in those areas.
Swift RM18 28V Robot Lawn Mower
Best value robot lawn mower for small gardens

Swift RM18 28V Robot Lawn Mower

  • Area coverage:  7/10
  • Smart navigation: 7/10
  • Battery life and charging:  8/10
  • Connectivity and app integration: 6/10
  • Maintenance and durability: 7/10

With its compact design and 18cm cutting width, the Swift RM18 28V Robot Lawn Mower is perfectly suited for gardens up to 600m², making it an ideal choice for those with smaller outdoor spaces. The mower's digital motor and adaptive load sensing technology adjust its power based on the grass length and density, ensuring efficient energy use and a consistent cut.

Setting up the Swift RM18 was straightforward, thanks to its intuitive interface. The mower's lightweight design made it easy to move and set up. At the same time, the safety features, including a safety switch and key, provided peace of mind, especially in a household with curious little ones. The PIN code for theft protection is a thoughtful addition, securing your investment against potential theft.

The mower's performance has been impressive. Thanks to its strong motors and treaded wheels, it navigates my garden's gradients with ease, handling slopes up to 35% without a hitch. The cutting height is easily adjustable, allowing for a customised lawn appearance. Moreover, its whisper-quiet operation can work anytime without disturbing the peace.

Ultimately, the Swift RM18 28V Robot Lawn Mower is a solid choice for those with small gardens looking to enter the world of robotic lawn mowers without breaking the bank. While it may lack some of the advanced features of more expensive models, its value for money and performance in its intended environment is commendable.

  • Adaptive power use: Adjusts power based on grass conditions for efficient mowing.
  • Easy setup and use: Intuitive interface and straightforward setup.
  • Quiet operation: Works quietly, minimising disturbance.
  • Limited Area coverage: Not suitable for larger gardens.
  • Navigation challenges: May struggle with complex garden layouts or dense obstacles.
  • Connectivity: Lacks advanced connectivity features found in some competitors.
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While all of the mowers mentioned above are excellent in their own right, choosing the best one primarily depends on your lawn requirements and budget. 

Purple robot lawn mower on grass

Factors to consider when choosing a robot lawn mower

When you’re in the market for the best robot mower, there are some key factors you need to pay attention to. Amplifying your understanding of these elements will facilitate an educated decision and ensure that the robot lawn mower you choose is perfect for your needs.

Lawn size and type

Firstly, consider the size and type of your lawn. The best robotic mowers can handle large areas effectively but vary greatly in their field capability. Some models work well on tiny plots of no more than 500 square metres, while others effortlessly manage lands up to 5,000 square metres or even larger.

Additionally, think about terrain challenges. Assess if your garden inclines sharply or hosts dense grass varieties like Kikuyu or Buffalo because not all mowers have been built with the capabilities to navigate through intense conditions.

Battery life and charging

Next up, let’s talk about battery life and charging options, integral parts woven into the fabric of a top-rated robot mower experience. Generally, more extensive lawns need mowers equipped with longer battery life, which ensures complete service on one charge.

A plus would be robotic lawn mowers endowed with automated self-charging systems where they return to dock when running low on power; thus non-stop solution without needing your intervention!

Weather resistance

Robot mowers are primarily outdoor equipment, so naturally, weather resistance is a major validity point. Put simply: you want a machine that can withstand diverse weather elements from high-powered Australian summer suns to unpredictable thunderstorm downpours.

Certain mowers are correctly IP-rated, denoting their resistance abilities against water and dust. So hunt out those solid performers charmed with good IP ratings, as I personally vouch how they genuinely bode well outdoors!

Obstacle detection and navigation

The navigation prowess impacts significantly when talking about top robot mowers. Few things are as frustrating as experimenting with a mower that repeatedly gets stuck or has difficulties in manoeuvring undulations, garden gnomes and tree roots.

Therefore, scope-out mowers are integrated with savvy sensor systems and GPS tracking for efficient navigation. Additionally, obstacle detection will ensure your lawn robot avoids crashes and damage from unforeseen objects.

Connectivity and control

In this technological age where almost everything is connected to smartphones, why should the best robotic mowers be left behind? So yes—always check compatibility options! 

Robotic lawn mowers offering connectivity via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapt seamlessly to smart home ecosystems, paving the way for convenient control via apps ensuring real-time updates for even better peace-of-mind experiences!

Noise level

Let me share an anecdote: once, my neighbour got a brand new robot mower only to discover it was too noisy for his weekend tranquillity. Therefore, cast an eagle eye on noise levels before making your purchase.

Lower decibel ratings certainly equate peaceful operations, hence opt models generating minimal noise output; thus, strike a balance between serene environments versus those relentless grass blades!

Maintenance and durability

Maintenance is an oft-overlooked factor that can carry long-term implications. Prospective owners must watch for the economical maintenance costs of their dream machine rather than just upfront costs.

High-quality ABS plastic or stainless-steel builds promise durability, so investing in such sturdy devices translates conveniently into low wear-and-tear promise guaranteeing value-for-money outcomes!

Cost of robot lawn mowers

Lastly but most importantly, you need to consider the cost factor when hunting the ideal piece among the best lawn mowing robots available. Prices fluctuate dramatically across brands and features, so set a budget before only selecting what’s right for you, balancing the function vs finance equation.

Is it worth buying a robotic lawn mower in Australia?

Let’s be clear: when it comes to this question, there isn’t one definitive answer. However, I’ll shed some light on various factors influencing your decision.

Firstly, imagine freeing up significant hours of manual labour every week and instead spending them engaged in activities you love or even with family and friends. That’s an alluring prospect, a key reason why many Australians are increasingly drawn towards robot lawn mowers. 

Then, considering efficiency levels, robotic lawn mowers operate tirelessly and deliver immaculate results consistently. No more uneven patches or overgrown areas; everything is done impressively without your supervision.

However, weighing the other side of the coin, it’s important not to disregard certain limitations related to these machines. Notably, they work splendidly for lawns, having an uncomplicated layout without too many zones requiring special attention due to their limitations in comprehending complex structures.

Next is cost consideration; if your budget permits and you have enough lawn area that justifies its purchase, then without a doubt, a robot mower is well worth it. But remember, getting only the very best robotic lawn mower available doesn’t necessitate it will suit your specific requirements.

Being realistic about expectations, it’s crucial to understand that robots are programmed for efficiency but don’t possess human touch or critical thinking abilities for extremely challenging situations (say sharp corners). Therefore, anticipate few loopholes despite technological advancement.

Lastly, consider the living environment. Are you located in a region prone to heavy rainfalls? Unfortunately, most robot mowers aren’t designed optimally for such conditions. So always ensure that you choose weather-compatible ones if this factor holds any bearing for you.

Ultimately, the crux lies inherently within personal preference weighing between liberty to save time at the expense of slight blemishes occasionally vs. perfection achieved through meticulous manual effort sans any free time. It’s all about deciding what matters more for you in the long run and taking your pick from among the best robot mowers Australia offers.

Green lawn mower on lawn

Tips for installing a robot lawn mower

Venturing into the world of robotic lawn mowers is an exciting journey. However, the installation process is equally key to choosing your perfect robot mower (and somewhat overlooked). Consequently, in this section of my comprehensive robotic lawn mower review, we’ll carefully outline vital considerations when installing your chosen tool.

Depending on your aptitude for manual tasks and available resources, you may install the robotic lawn mower yourself or hire professional services. 

DIY Installation

DIY installation could be a tempting option if mechanical tasks fascinate you. Generally, manufacturers provide user-friendly manuals outlining step-by-step procedures for setting up the mowing gadget. 

Typically, you’ll:

  • Place charging station at a suitable location
  • Lay down boundary wires
  • Connect wires to base station
  • Program settings as per instructions
  • Put your new buddy to work!

Yet this method does come with the necessary patience and steady hands for laying out wiring properly – arguably the trickiest part for first-timers. The silver lining? You save some extra bucks by not hiring professionals while also gaining intimate knowledge about the operation of your little green bot.

Professional installation service

Should complexities deter you from a do-it-yourself approach, don’t fret! Several manufacturers offer professional installation assistance; they set up everything precisely without any worry on your end – albeit at a cost.

Professional help ensures swift setup and proper wire placement around complex obstacles or larger areas, which can be quite time-consuming when done manually. Also, these experts assist with initial programming tailored according to your specific usage requirements – giving you a ready-to-roll automated assistant right from day one!

To summarise this scenario in our robotic lawn mower review: No one-size-fits-all approach exists; consider what fits best within your comfort zone and schedule before deciding.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance are integral to caring for your robotic lawn mower. Dirt, grass clippings, leaves, and other residue can accumulate on the cutting blades and wheels during use, potentially impacting performance down the line.

  1. Blade cleaning: Inspect and clean the cutting blades regularly. Using a stiff brush should suffice to remove accumulated debris. This isn’t just about tidiness; cleaner blades also make cleaner cuts, promoting healthier grass growth.
  2. Wheel cleaning: The wheels may get caked with dirt or tangled with long grass over time. Remove any such material every once in a while.
  3. Body clean-up: Wipe down the body of your robotic unit to prevent corrosion or damage from harmful substances like sap or bird droppings.

Remember not to use water directly on your robot lawn mower – it’s an electrical device after all.

Replacing blades and parts

Although parts like the blade might be made from robust materials designed to last longer, they will eventually wear out with regular usage.

  • Blade replacement: Most manufacturers recommend changing the blade every season or after 200 hours of mowing time (whichever comes first). A dull blade tears grass rather than cuts it cleanly, which can cause stress and lead to lacklustre lawns!
  • Battery replacement: Your battery has a lifespan, too! Although high-quality robotic mowers come with batteries that could last several years, depending on the frequency of usage, eventual replacement is inevitable.

Always opt for original manufacturer-approved parts when replacing consumables such as blades or batteries, non-approved parts may be cheaper but can damage your mower and void any warranties you might have! 

Every step towards maintaining the health of your robotic lawn mower goes a long way in ensuring it performs its best while mowing your lawn. Regular maintenance can allow these robots to serve you well for many years.

Black robotic lawn mower on grass


Concluding our detailed review of Australia’s top robot lawn mowers for 2024, it’s clear that informed choices can greatly improve your gardening. These mowers, more than just time-savers, offer quiet, eco-friendly operation and fertilising options, adding intangible value as they smartly navigate gardens.

With features like weather resistance and advanced controls, they’re at the forefront of lawn care technology. However, choosing the right one depends on lawn size, battery life, navigation, noise, and maintenance. Installation and upkeep are crucial, too, with DIY and professional options. 

Ultimately, deciding to invest in a robotic mower depends on your budget and preference for convenience. 

Happy hunting for your ideal garden assistant!


What is the best robot lawn mower without perimeter wire in Australia?

In Australia, the quest for the best wire-free robot lawn mower leads to models equipped with advanced GPS mapping to navigate lawns. These innovative mowers offer hassle-free operation without the need for perimeter wires, making them a top choice for seamless lawn maintenance.

Do robot lawn mowers get stolen?

While robot lawn mowers are designed with security features like PIN codes and alarm systems, theft risks exist. However, their built-in GPS tracking and the ability to lock the device remotely significantly reduce their chances of being stolen.

Do robot mowers cut wet grass?

Yes, many robot mowers can cut wet grass thanks to their weather-resistant designs and intelligent sensors. However, it’s best to let the grass dry slightly before mowing for optimal performance and to protect your lawn’s health.

How big of a yard can a robot mower cut?

Robot mowers vary in capacity, with some models capable of managing lawns up to 5,000 square metres. The key is to choose a mower that matches the size of your yard, ensuring it can efficiently cover the entire area on a single charge.

How often should you mow with a robot mower?

Robot mowers are designed for frequent use and are often recommended to run daily or every other day. This frequent mowing strategy promotes a healthier lawn by ensuring only small amounts of grass are cut at a time, which can then naturally decompose as mulch.

What do robot mowers do with cuttings?

Robot mowers finely chop the grass cuttings and distribute them back onto the lawn, acting as a natural fertiliser. This process, known as mulching, helps to maintain a healthy, lush lawn by returning nutrients to the soil.